Information for home health care

When you intend to discharge the patient after implantation, the home health care provider needs information to organise the aftercare It is therefore advisable to inform ewimed as soon as you plan to implant an indwelling catheter. In this way, we are able to provide timely training to homecare workers.

In addition to information about the patient’s health condition, the home care service will need our contact details, the catheter passport if available) and a treatment note containing the following information:

  • Where is the indwelling catheter for long-term intermittent drainage located?
    (Pleural effusion left/right, ascites left/right, multiple catheters)
  • Two incisions were made during implantation.
    The stitches should be removed after about 7 – 10 days and the fixation stitches around the catheter after about. 30 days.
  • A recommended drainage protocol helps home healthcare services.
    For education and patient well-being, it is very helpful if you communicate the drainage amount and interval. Remember to add “and if necessary” to the drainage protocol. This allows home care to drain more often in case the amount of fluid produced changes over time.
  • Please ask your homecare provider to contact us to train them on how to use the drainage set, if they have not already been trained.
  • Make sure that home care has drainage kits, or has time to order them, before planning to drop the patient for the first time.

Please send with our brochure Information for doctors and health professionals. You can order these from us:

Ordering information for home drainage

Drainage with gravity 50-7505
ewimed drainage set
2000 ml, 10 pieces/ fp

Drainage with vacuum 50-7510
PleurX™ drainage set
1000 ml, 10 pieces/ fp
or 50-7500B
PleurX™ drainage set
500 ml, 10 pieces/ fp

Text proposal for treatment message

The treatment notification should include:

“ewimed is happy to help you if you have questions about PleurX™/PeritX™ (or drainova®) indwelling catheters for drainage of pleural effusion and ascites.
Drainage sets can be ordered from ewimed by email or phone 08-25 11 69. “

We will be happy to provide you with a complete proposal for a treatment notice.

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