Change dressing

In patients with an indwelling catheter for long-term intermittent drainage of pleural effusion and ascites, it is important to change the dressing at least twice a week.


1| Clean the skin around the catheter exit site and the catheter from the inside out with chlorhexidine alcohol. When the skin around the catheter is dry, you can put on the new bandage.

2 | Place the foam rubber plate so that the slit surrounds the catheter.

3 | Roll up the catheter and place it against the foam rubber plate.

4 | Cover the catheter and the foam rubber plate with compresses.

5 | Take off both gloves. Uncover the self-adhesive surface of the dressing by peeling off the text protective paper.

6 | Centre the bandage over the compresses and press it onto the skin all around.

7 | Remove the middle part of the protective paper without text from the bandage.

8 | Carefully remove the frame of protective paper without text from the bandage and smooth the entire adhesive film bandage from the centre out towards the edges.

NOTE: Dispose of bandage material according to local regulations.

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