Catheter passport

The catheter passport is a requirement under the new Medical Devices Directive (MDR), which came into force in May 2021. An indwelling catheter counts as an implant and an implantation card must accompany the product. So we call the implantation card a catheter pass. It enhances patient safety and contains all important information about the catheter to be implanted. This allows patients and doctors to trace the product back to the manufacturer. In case of complications or emergencies, relevant medical information about the patient and the catheter can be found in the passport, as well as the right contact person.

Fill out the catheter passport

You can fill in the catheter passport and send it home with the patient. Please inform the patient to bring the catheter passport to all health care visits, so that other clinics also know what kind of catheter the patient has.

drainova® and drainova® ArgentiC catheters are adapted to the new legislation and therefore include a catheter passport. PleurX™/PeritX is registered under MDD and does not yet include an implantation card.

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