drainova® drainage kit

easy, safe, efficient

drainova® drainage kit

Gentle and fast drainage of pleural fluid and ascites

drainova® drainage kits with soft-vacuum technology combine a high flow rate from vacuum bottles with gentle gravity drainage. This product allows you to quickly and gently drain up to 1000 ml of pleural effusion or 2000 ml of ascites.

Product information

Item no.

2000 ml


Access tip, drain hose (1300 mm long)
with built-in check valve

The kit contains

drainova® container and drainova® dressing kit

Minimum quantity when ordering
1 box = 10 pcs, sterile

Features and benefits:

  • Constant suction
  • smooth flow
  • Patient safety - the unique coupling prevents errors.
  • The product is stable and prevents the product from tipping over.
  • A built-in check valve prevents air and liquid from flowing back

Contents of the drainage kit:

drainova® container, soft-vacuum

  • Self-adhesive dressing
  • Blue sterile drape
  • Sterile gloves, latex and powder-free
  • drainova® silicone cap, sterile
  • 3 alcohol wipes (single pack, 70% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Safety clamp
  • 4 wipes 102 mm × 102 mm
  • Foam bandage


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