The owner of the group, Egon Wiest, founded the first company ewimedin Germany on 1 April 1991. At that time, the focus was on the sale of medical instruments, e.g. in surgery.


ewimed has the opportunity to take over the distribution of indwelling catheters for long-term drainage, PleurX™, for the German market from Denver Biomedical®. This treatment for recurrent pleural fluid and ascites was completely new.


fenik AB in Sweden is founded as the first company outside Germany and becomes a trading partner of ewimed. The company is registered in Sölvesborg.

map of europe with sweden in green and germany in orange


The first customers in Sweden start using PleurX™ with good results. In the beginning, the products were mainly used by pulmonary clinics for pleural lavage.


We are building the concept with education for patients, relatives and home care. This marks the start of our service and support to hospitals in the form of staff training and advice on catheter insertion.


ewimednow also founds fenik AG in Switzerland and starts selling the products to the Swiss market.


The first ascites catheter is now being placed in Sweden. In addition, a county council chooses for the first time to include the products in a procurement. Thus, we start to structure the work according to the quality management system. We are also starting environmental work.


At the end of the year, the number of employees increases to two and we divide Sweden into two districts.


Thanks to increased use, two more counties are choosing to include the products in contracts and procurements. In the coming years, more and more county councils will include the products in their tenders.
ewimedfounds ewimed austria in Austria.

map of europe with sweden and switzerland in green and austria and germany in orange


fenik AB expands and hires two additional employees. The office will move from Sölvesborg to Bromma.


Our rapid expansion increases the need for more employees and we are hiring two more people. The total number of employees now stands at 6.


We continue to grow and employ 2 more people, so that the company now has 8 employees. Towards the end of the year, we are also deepening our cooperation with the product development department of ewimed in Germany.


The company’s expansion continues with the same number of employees. More than half of the country’s regions now have contracts for our products. Thanks to this expansion, our customers span most medical specialties. The whole group is expanding rapidly. Company founder Egon Wiest talks about what our corporate culture looks like:

The patient is the focus. This view is firmly anchored in the Group’s corporate culture and every employee acts accordingly. Our employees are committed to delivering great work every day and their development is close to our hearts. Mutual respect and exchange of experience are also important. New ideas emerge in teams and goals are more easily achieved together.

– Egon Wiest


fenik changes its name to ewimed Sweden AB. We take an important step to become an international company with the same name in all countries.


ewimed continues to expand in Northern Europe and founds ewimed Denmark A/S. ewimed now has a total of six locations in Europe.
We are now 450 employees.